Music Monday – Can you feel it?

I haven’t done a Music Monday in a while. Lately I’ve been playing very upbeat music around the house. I put it on while cleaning or cooking, especially, so I can dance around and sing while working, and then it doesn’t feel like such a chore. Here are the three newest songs added to my high-energy playlist.

1) Jessi – Zoom
I feel like a million bucks, yeah. Must be that million bucks, yeah.

I think I’d feel like a million bucks if I had a million bucks, too. Which reminds me that I need to get back to my career journey/life story at some point.

The club-vibe, the catchy little phrases, I just find the whole song a lot of fun. There’s some thought behind the lyrics, too. Scratch away that top layer and she’s still saying something, making a statement.

“Why you like it when I’m sad or I’m mad?” Like why do the media and the fans thrive on celebrity drama? I try to avoid it, but sometimes I cave in and follow the click-bait headlines. And when I do, I usually feel second-hand embarrassment, disgust, or indifference. And yet, my curiosity still wins out.


2) Psy – Ganji feat. Jessi
It’s all a piece of cake, calm down, take it easy

I’m not sure what the underlying message of this song should be since the lyrics I have seem like auto-translate mumbo-jumbo, but one thing is loud and clear. “I got gratitude and attitude.”

And I’m loving that attitude from both of them on this. Just fun fun fun.


3) Psy – That That prod. & feat. Suga
I don’t care, I don’t care that I like that

Another song that’s really fun is this 20-22 Psy Coming Back! That that, I like that!!

The parallels to Daechwita with the old car and the old Psy confronting them, and even the fake-fight scene a la western films, it’s all just too much fun. It’s a feel good song for a hopeful outlook. Yeah, I can feel it. woah-oh…

What have you been listening to lately? I’d love to know. Enjoy!

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