Music Monday – C

I’m still idea-less, so we’re up to the letter C. I couldn’t decide on just three, so we have four this week.

CL – +투덜거려본다(PARADOX)171115+ – “Memories I wish I can erase flash back and forth.”
The song title has a datestamp, Nov 15 2017, but it, along with a handful of others, wasn’t released until two years later, Dec 2019. She released a whole series of songs at this time, datestamped them all, and told a story with them that spanned years.

Calexico – Puerto – “Me siento ese pájaro que danza sobre el puerto.”
My father’s name is Rigo. Maybe I should’ve quoted that line instead. “Rigo working one, two, three different jobs …” This song just hits me in the gut sometimes. The anger is still there.

Covenant – Atlas – “I’m just trying to survive, and perhaps I’ll dream again.”
Even though there’s a sense of struggle, there’s also a sense of hope. I may not save the world, but I also won’t give in.

Cocteau Twins – Persephone – 
No lyric quote, because there really aren’t lyrics in the traditional sense. You can google the lyrics, but I wouldn’t trust them to be accurate. No, the vocalizations are more like chants, it’s the emotion, the cadence, not the words. Cocteau Twins were my favorite group in the 80s. They kept me grounded at a time when I was very close to tumbling over the edge.

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