Music Monday – B

I like having the alphabet to fall back on when I have no other ideas. Clearly, I have no other ideas today.

BewhY – Let me know, God“What is bleeding is my spirit, not my soul.”
The Korean name of this song, 어디로, translates simply to “Where?” and the hook repeats this question. While my faith, my beliefs are different, it’s still a song I can relate to. Jvcki Wei’s verse at the end really speaks to me in this one. I feel like my heart is full of distrust.

BTS – Heartbeat“If I was only by myself, if I didn’t know you, maybe I would’ve given up…”
This is an OST (Original Soundtrack) for the video game, BTS World. But the game aside (which I tried playing but didn’t like for various reasons), this is a beautiful and, in my opinion, underrated song. And the visuals, the videography or cinematography or whatever it is, so very beautiful.

Bebel Gilberto – August Day Song“I dream of places far beyond.”
A mellow bossa nova to end out the set. Something calm and soothing like an August rain.

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