3am thoughts

I woke up at 3am this morning. Not unusual. My sleep patterns are non-existing. More like sleep chaos. But I started thinking about things and I had all these wonderful ideas and started head-composing a post for this blog, fixing some issues in my Angels series, just really fantastic stuff.

And then I woke up again at 8am. Overslept. I’m usually up by 6am. I’m usually at work by 6am.

I couldn’t remember what I thought of. Maybe if I think of it at 3am tonight/tomorrow morning, I’ll write it down. And probably realize it was all nonsense anyway.

Meanwhile, I’ll work on the real issue. The sleeping patterns. Because the lack of quality sleep has been taking its toll on me in many ways. And there really isn’t such a thing as “catching up” on weekends.

I hope you all are getting good rest! And good ideas! Peace & love.

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