Music Monday – A …

I was trying to think what to do for Music Monday today. I couldn’t think of anything. I shuffled my playlist, but wasn’t feeling any of the songs that came up. But it’s a new year, or about to be a new year if you follow the Julian calendar (and yes, Amazigh New Year is based on the Julian calendar, and I do still sort of celebrate Yennayer). So, not sure if I’ll keep this up, but I thought, new year, so let’s start with the letter A.

Agust D- Honsool“When I go in my room, it’s time to truly face me.”
Honsool is a word that translates to “drinking alone” but it’s more nuanced than that. It’s about drinking at the end of the day, a way of winding down the day. A time to be reflective.

Art of Noise – Love“Moments in love.”
I was lucky enough to see Art of Noise perform live in San Francisco one year. It was a tiny venue, a club off Broadway, if I remember correctly. I’d gone with Ken and a couple of our other friends. I think this is the only song by them I still have in my every day library. It’s not Moments in Love, which is a different song, just Love.

Afro Celt Sound System – My Secret Bliss“Return like children; we stumble into the sun.”
This is one of those songs that just makes me feel a certain way, one that’s difficult to describe. Content, maybe? Yes, I think that’s it. Peaceful. Bliss.

Happy New Year. Wishing you all peace, tranquility, and love.

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