writing and prayers

I haven’t written a word in my Angels series in at least a week. I haven’t even opened one of the files. It’s only a week, but I know how easy one week stretches into two and then three and then the next thing I know, years go by where I’ve barely written.

On the other hand, the writing prompts at Jix for a circle writing event have kept me at least writing. But those are all Trixie-centric snippets. Although today’s prompt at least got me thinking about Sam and Tristan again. 😉

Maybe I just need to skip book two and go straight to book three. At least for now.

So hopefully I will get some writing done this weekend that is not Trixie.

Meanwhile, prayers. We’re all in need of them all the time, but this isn’t about me or my family.

This may need a tissue warning. Consider one issued.

I went to the vet today; Debo needed a vaccine and a refill on his flea & tick tablets. When I was in the waiting room, this woman and a much older man came out. The woman was very business like. She signed out at the desk and then left the office.

The man was shaking. He sat down in the waiting room and I went back to my phone and played a couple of games while waiting for them to be finished with Debo, not thinking much of it all, not at first.

And then the vet came out with a carrier. Empty. And handed it to him. She murmured quietly. He started to get agitated. He mentioned his credit card a couple of times. She assured him the charge went through, because he was worried about that.

Then he told her a story, his voice cracking a bit, about how his grandfather told him he could catch birds by putting salt on their tails. He told the same thing to his grandchildren. He talked about children—whether it was him as a child or his grandchildren, I’m not sure—running around the yard with a salt shaker, trying to get it onto those bird’s tail feathers. He laughted. The vet laughed, and then he mentioned a name I couldn’t make out and that she used to catch birds without needing any salt.

The vet told him the sweetest thing. “She’s up there trying to put salt on their tails now. To catch the birds up there.”

I don’t know who this man is. I don’t know his cat. I don’t know anything about them. But if you believe in prayer or good thoughts, could you spare one for this unknown man who had to put his cat down today? And another one for the vet, too. Thank you.

Wishing you all peace, good health, and lots of love.

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