2021 Countdown: #4 – #1!

Here are my top four songs from 2021 (technically Dec 1 2020 through Nov 30 2021)!

If you check out the youtube links (the green text), be sure to turn CCs on if available, if lyrics are important to you. They’re important to me.

Happy New Year, everyone!! Wishing you all peace and tranquility. ❤️

#4 J-HOPE – BLUE SIDEThe sun shines on the cold, the clouds embrace—Blue.
J-Hope is known as the sunshine of BTS. He makes everyone smile, always acts comical, but from the beginning, he’s always let us know he has his sad days, too. I can have this on in the background and rather than making me feel melancholy blue, it often pushes the darker thoughts aside and makes me feel sunny sky blue.

#3 ONEUS – INTRO: WINDOW (feat. CHOI YE LIM)The six demons who are banned from death …
Choi Ye Lim slays it in the opening of this introductory track. The story for this album begins here, but the tale started a couple of years ago. They hooked me with Valkyrie, and I’m still curious where the journey will go from here. I only wish this was a full length track, but that doesn’t stop me from playing it on repeat.

#2 AHN YE EUN – CHANGGWIDrink a cup of water with the leaves floating and take a break in here.
I am completely fan-girling over Ahn Ye Eun and have been ever since I first heard Kakotopia early last year. This is another haunting and spiritual tale. Changgwi refers to a man who was killed by a tiger and whose ghost then serves the tiger. There’s a bit more to it than that. In any case, Ahn Ye Eun delivers the story beautifully. As always.

Hands down, nothing else even came close, this is my number one song of 2021. I listen to it nearly every day, often multiple times per day. I sing along, I dance, it gets my mood up, it makes me happy. Very happy. Someday I’d like to get up on my desk at work and dance, too. Hmm, since I work from home, I could probably get away with that. So, I think I’ll go listen again now, do the Gyopo Hairstyle, and dance!!

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