2021 Countdown: #11 – #5

The countdown of my favorite songs of the year (technically Dec 1 2020 through Nov 30 2021) continues.

We’re breaking into the top 10 11. Because that’s just the way I roll.

If you check out the youtube links (the green text), be sure to turn CCs on if available, if lyrics are important to you. They’re important to me.

#11 LIL NAS X – LIFE AFTER SALEMYou’re changin’, you’re changing every day; and you’re takin’, you’re taking everything.
I decided to give the full album a listen because I got the feeling from Montero (Call me by Your Name) that Montero Lamar Hill (aka Lil Nas X) had something to say. He does. The story the songs on this album tell, through multiple genres and guest artists, is sometimes heartwrenching. The haunting rock vibe mixed into the production of this particular piece of the story arc helps convey the mood and further the narrative.

#10 BTS & MEGAN THEE STALLION – BUTTER (Megan Thee Stallion Remix)Houston’s finest, in the room with bosses.
I love a good, fun song that I can just crank up, sing along to, dance, whatever. I have to admit I’ve listened to this remix more than the original. It side-stepped right left its way into my playlist over and over and over again.

#9 THE CHAIN G – LOVE AGAINThe moment I reached that light my dark night is gone, so bright.
This video really should be watched with Wicked Night which was released just a few hours before Love Again. Love Again is both the sequel and the prequel to Wicked Night, making Wicked Night both the prequel and sequel to Love Again. I love a good tainted timeline or time loop. And while parts of the video make me a bit uncomfortable, I love this song of the pair more.

#8 SUBOI – DIỀUFeeling up and down like a cubic equation; Feeling unsteady, just like everyone else.
I’m so glad Suboi released the “official audio” series and then added English subtitles. I’d had a sense of what the song was about from rough google translations. It’s a lot more clear now. And also more vague. I love that. This song calms me. I want to go float in the wind now.

#7 ONEUS – LUNAMoving backwards in time like those birds.
This entire album is another one that has a cohesive and riveting story from the first song to the last. And this song, the title song of the album, and its video, show us that story in a beautiful way with traditional Korean elements and dance. The lyrics are so poetic. The whole thing is a masterpiece.

#6 SEVENTEEN – WAVEEverything is distorted; wake yourself up.”
Seventeen’s performance unit is probably my “unit bias” for the group. I’m just sad I can’t find an actual performance for it. Hoping I’ll get to see one someday. Meanwhile, I’ll try to escape to that ocean, catch that freedom wave, and just relax and enjoy this song.

#5 TOMORROW X TOGETHER – FROSTMy frozen lips at the tip of my tongue; I call out that name, see only my icy breath.
Big Hit is known for their story-telling, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, stories are important to me. Very important. The production of the song coupled with the short film leaves me in awe. My heart still pounds when I watch it.

Next week, my top 4 songs of 2021. Any guesses to who or what will be in it? What about your top 4 or top any number?

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