2021 Countdown: #18 – #12

The countdown of my favorite songs of the year (technically Dec 1 2020 through Nov 30 2021) continues.

This isn’t any kind of a real chart, just the songs I’ve listened to the most, with some very subjective and iffy counting since I couldn’t find a way to systematically look at my video views. πŸ˜‰ Not to mention I included a “Happiness Factor” for each song for how happy it makes me to listen to it. So yeah, basically my favorite new songs of the year.

If you check out the youtube links (the green text), be sure to turn CCs on if available, if lyrics are important to you. They’re important to me.

#18 TWICE – LAST WALTZ β€œMm-mm, my la-a-ast, it will be over soon, our love was true, ooh-ooh.”
The *cough* “obligatory” small rap portion in this song really throws me off every time and it’s the main reason this song didn’t place higher. I mean, yes, I love rap and hip hop, but it’s very jarring to me in this song. Still, Twice’s vocals and the oh-so-catchy “mm-mm my la-a-ast” keep it “stuck in my head like, la la la la” and have me singing this song often.

#17 WONWOO & MINGYU – BITTERSWEET (feat. LEE HI) β€œIf I give my hand and expect your heart, my selfishness grows to a flaw.”
Seventeen members Wonwoo and Mingyu deliver a laidback sound with such a calm, soothing vibe. The rain helps add to the bitterness in the story, and Lee Hi’s voice makes the sweet really stand out, too. I really, really like the ending of the video.

#16 RICH BRIAN – SYDNEY β€œI’m a doctor’s writing, you can never fuckin’ read me.”
This one is just too fun not to play loud and sing along to. Bars upon bars. It was difficult to settle on a line for the quote because quite a few of them were way too relatable. Or too good.

#15 VICTON – WHAT I SAID β€œRun towards the dream that always provoked me.”
This idea of taking charge of your destiny even if it feels like you’re being pushed around like pieces on a chess board just speaks to me lately. Can’t imagine why. The sass in this is fantastic and the fast-paced, high-energy tempo also makes it great for those long drives down the 5. Plus there’s an old-fashioned typewriter in the video, which is always a plus.

#14 NU’EST – DOOM DOOM (JR SOLO) β€œTo write out the next chapter, I open myself up, and within me I create a new sense.”
This song resonates with me on multiple levels, including that feeling of letting go of myself on a danceclub floor in the 80s but with an urban-electro beat that fits today. Plus lyrics. Thus a lyric video, which I usually shy away from, but this lyric video seems good.

#13 AKMU – NAKKA (with IU) β€œTrust me, close your eyes, and fall.”
The entire Next Episode album is so well put together, so cohesive, despite all tracks having feature artists. The video makes more sense within the entire story arc, but even alone it gives me goosebumps and is still a compelling visual tale. Everest (with Sam Kim) almost made my list, too, at #28.

#12 EPIK HIGH – ROSARIO (feat. CL & ZICO) β€œEven in the face of death, I never lost faith in my art.”
Yes. Just yes. The energy, the fierceness, the defiance, the lyricism make my hip-hop loving heart so happy. Mithra’s verse may be my favorite, although I chose one of Zico’s lines for this post. I could quote this whole song. I won’t. I will listen to it again, though.

Next week, #11 – #5.

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