“I’m not that strong.”

I’ve been working on the second book, even knowing I probably need to do a lot more work on the first one. But the second one’s been difficult for me because I’m not attached (pun intended for those who get it) enough to the story yet. Only, while I was working on it, a new character showed up. At first, I resisted. I didn’t think I needed another character. Then, I gave in. Because I have to give in, right? I’m glad I listened. The book does need another character, maybe two more.

After some cursory research, I temporarily named the character Mkwa. But not wanting to get this wrong, I decided to reach out to the Native Languages of America organization. They very kindly helped me, and helped tremendously. They gave me a few different name choices and what they meant and also provided links to further information about the tribe and the time period I needed for research.

The character’s name is Wishikimkwa.

I don’t know how important he’ll end up being to the story over all, but he is important to this chapter. A chapter I happened to be telling from Yuri’s point of view.

And I was sitting here with the information I gathered today, trying to figure out how I could reveal certain things about this character. And then realized I’m writing this chapter from Yuri’s point of view. That in itself fit so perfectly. Yuri sees connections, after all.

Wishikimkwa, by the way, means “strong bear.” He’s a lot stronger than he realizes.


Sending out peace and strength to everyone. Or rather, a reminder of strength, because you are already that strong.

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  1. Deanna Berger says:

    I love the name and the fact you reached out and heard back. The connections connection is indeed perfectly perfect. A fitting reward for your attention to detail is a breakthrough in the telling. I’m looking forward to reading about Wishikimkwa and how he fits into your story!

    Oh and the strength reminder? Much appreciated. Right back at you. I’m so grateful for your presence in my life.

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