2021 Countdown: #25 – #19

Music Mondays are back!!

I was going to try to do something along the lines of my top 100 songs for 2021, but that got a bit overwhelming, so I will attempt just a top 25 instead. Because after that (and even up to that) the order keeps changing. Even this top 25 is a bit subjective though I am looking at play counts across my different devices and streaming services, taking release date into account, and all that. But the bottom line is, these are my favorite songs that came out in 2021*.

It’s mostly Korean music, though there are non-Korean artists included. But there is something about the Korean lyricism that just draws me in, and I’ve gotten attached to the sounds and mixing typical of many Korean popular artists. And the videos. The high-quality, interesting, story-telling videos. Those hooked me.

*I’m only including songs released Dec 1 2020 through Nov 30 2021, which means SUPER TUNA is out of the running. Sorry, Jin. πŸŸπŸ’œ Although as often as I’ve played that one, it’s already the front runner for #1 of 2022.

If you check out the youtube links (the green text), be sure to turn CCs on if available, if lyrics are important to you. They’re important to me.

#25 (G)I-DLE – LOST β€œEven if I look back, you’re not there.”
I’ve played this song so often since it came out, definitely the most off the entire I burn EP, although HANN, HWAA, and DAHLIA were also on my original top 100 list.

#24 SF9 – TEAR DROP β€œDrip, drip, drip. Your falling tears, they blind me.”
SF9 is one of my favorite groups, and the hook or whatever it’s called is so catchy on this one. Fanatic and Believer off this same album are also in my top 100.

#23 IKON – WHY WHY WHY β€œAll the flashing sparks in our relationship have turned into white ashes.”
As much as I protest enjoying love songs, I really do like some of them. This one, a lot. But I think what I like about it is that it can be applied to a non-romantic relationship just as easily.

#22 2PM – MAKE IT β€œSo that I can get to know you a bit more.”
I anticipated the 2PM comeback along with many others and I was not disappointed. It’s such a fun song and video and I really like the realistic lyrics transposed with the unrealistic visuals, and gotta, gotta, gotta mention the top-tier vocals.

#21 BTS – PERMISSION TO DANCE β€œWhen it all seems like it’s wrong, (just) sing along to Elton John.”
Watching a group of young hearing-impaired children react to this video and seeing the pure joy on their faces when they noticed the sign language incorporated into the dance at the end was the most heartwarming and wholesome thing ever.

#20 SUBOI – SICKERRR β€œDrifted through for a few more days, yeah yeah.”
Suboi is an artist. Like most songs on my playlist, lyrics are important. The feel of the song is also important. I love the driving electronic beats, the rap-like vocals, and the messages she delivers. She’s litty, for sure.

#19 AHN YE EUN – THE WORD β€œWith bright dreams in my pocket, dive into the beautiful pain.”
I’m not so sure about the translations on this video. “Filled pocket with glittering dreams, bump into beautiful pain.” I think the intent comes through either way. I just love her vocals and her unique style of music. I listen to this and feel the tension and excitement. Beautiful.

Next week, #18 – #12.

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