why am I here?

That’s my question. Not “Who am I?” I know the answer to that one. But “Why am I here?” I could spend a lifetime trying to figure out the answer to that one and still not know.

I’ve neglected this blog, but I’m going to try and come back into it, maybe not every day, but not be so shy or terrified or whatever to post.

And one of the things that spurred me to get back to this was a song on my playlist that hadn’t come up in a while. I don’t know how the universe works, but it seems whenever I need a song, the song plays.

I just want to give you all the voices till I die


Had I forgotten why I started this?

Have I abandoned my goals? Or have I just set them aside for a moment while dealing with the clumsiness of life?

But I have stories to tell, and maybe they aren’t told in the conventional way. Maybe they don’t follow the script that would put them on some bestseller list, but they’re my stories told my way.

And hopefully, someone out there will appreciate them. Maybe they’ll even help someone. Maybe this blog will help someone. And that’s enough. More than enough.

So the journey towards a novel trudges onward.

Sending out love and peace to everyone.

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