I’ve never been good with titles.

So that’s my title tonight. Pbbt.

Feeling all over the place.

Added a scene to the beginning of Broken but I keep reading it over feeling like it needs more description, substance, something. It’s just not quite right, yet.

And I still need to figure out how to better introduce Joash.

I want to start working on Ground but I keep going back to Broken.

Thanks to Susan, I am once again dabbling in something that I probably shouldn’t be. 😉

I want to try snowflaking Red Dress aka Velvet Gown. Maybe.

I’m stalled on the snowflaking of Ground for now. Maybe I’ll have time this weekend but tomorow and Saturday are already feeling too busy.

Read a few fanfic chapters today, which I’ll try to comment on later.

Meanwhile, Kiwi is doing better, taking her medicine like a little trooper.

We still haven’t found a car for Ryma so going for some more car shopping on Saturday. Hence, the business feeling. Car shopping is exhausting.

And my bluetooth keyboard is acting weird. Probably need to change the batteries.

And with that, good night, all! Peace and good health.

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  1. I’m glad little Kiwi is doing better!!

    Joash seems like a fun one to introduce. His skills make him quite capable if making a spectacular entrance… 😏 I am a jumper too, one of those little rebels that wants to do whatever it is I’m not “supposed” to be.

    I read “The Phantom Toolbooth” ther other day. In the introduction, the author admits that is how the story got written. He was supposed to be writing some dissertation about architecture or urban planning or some such. But instead he’s got a fantasy YA novel on the “must read these classics” lists. Rebels rule!

    Hope the car shopping goes better things time.

    Happy Sunday!

    • viv s says:

      I’m at the point where I’m considering a brand new car. Low end of course. But used cars with what we want (less than 6 years old, less than 60k miles) are more expensive than a brand new car in some cases. Never thought I’d be one of those parents buying my kid a brand new car.

    • viv s says:

      Oh, meant to add about Joash. Yes. You always give me fun ideas. It feels weird to say, but you’re practically my muse these days. Thanks for the Nathan intro, too. 😇❤

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