I haven’t had a pet post in a while, but this one isn’t such a fun one. Spent quite a few hours last night at the Vet Emergency clinic after she threw up blood and sneezed up some more. She’s 11 years old, so rather safe than sorry.

They sent her home with three meds, one of which was just a one-time pill so that one’s done. Down to two. And I need to keep her on a bland diet, etc. She seems to be doing better, but she hasn’t eaten anything yet today.

Meanwhile, how spoiled of a housecat can she be? She now has her very own bedroom. This is so we can monitor what she eats, keep her from eating the other cats’ food, and also keep an eye on her stool. Fun times. 😉

Hoping she eats the chicken I cooked for her tonight. If not, Debo will get quite a treat.

Hope all of you are doing well! I’ve missed posting quite a bit. Life has just been busy and, frankly, stressful, but I hope to get back into a cadence at some point. Meanwhile, please be safe and be kind to yourselves! Love you.

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  1. Poor lamb! I hope she’s feeling better. I’m sorry life has been so stressful and busy. You be kind to yourself, too!! *hugs*

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