Music Monday – Birthday

Because it’s my birthday. 😀

I could have gone with songs that have “Birthday” in the title, but I couldn’t think of a single song I really liked that fit that description. Some okay ones, but not “I love this song” ones. And it’s my birthday, so it should be all about songs I love.

And so it shall be.

Dead Can Dance – Song of the Stars

We are the stars which sing
We sing with our light
We are the birds of fire
We fly over the sky
Our light is a voice
We make a road for the spirits to pass over

Brendan Michael Perry / Lisa Germaine Gerrard

By far one of my favorite songs ever. Ever. Dead Can Dance is one of those groups that often gets tossed in with genres like “Death Rock” or “Goth” or what-have-you, but their music is spiritual. It calms me. It gives me light.

Lounes Kheloui – A d Swaɣ

I found a drying flower
It’s leaves starting to yellow
The shade has abandoned it
The sun has touched its roots
I’m afraid it will remain but dead wood

Kheloui Lounes, Loose translation to the best of my ability

This is another one of those songs that just touches my soul in ways I can’t begin to explain. The analogy is so beautiful, the flower longing for water. This song makes me miss Algeria, the Djur Djura mountains, and the people there. It brings me peace.

Sadly, this was the best recording I could find sans loading one to youtube myself. The song ends abruptly for some reason instead of the intended fading out.

Ahn Ye Eun – Trumpet Creeper

The sun turns a hundred times
The moon rises a hundred times
Alone in the uninhabited room
the darkness is clear

Ahn Ye Eun, translated to the best of my ability

This one just … I love singing it at the top of my lungs. I’m not a love-song kind of gal, so this “love song” is more my style. Seriously though, this song, it reminds me to see, to listen, to feel. I don’t think that’s necessarily the message she meant to convey, but that’s the beauty of art, isn’t it?

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