car shopping

especially used car shopping, is such a pain!

Boring personal stuff ahead. 😉

Went to carmax today. Nice inventory on the lot, most of which is not available. Limited to only two test drives even though there were four available cars that caught our interest. Neither of the two we chose to test was great. One had a very concerning noise and rattle whenever braking. The other was just stiff and heavy feeling. So we can either look online and ask for additional cars to be brought to the lot for a fee or make another appointment and have them hold the other two we like, but it’s really … ugh.

I know a lot of people (okay, three, but that’s a lot in my mind) who really like carmax and said it was such a great hassle-free experience. So far it’s been two trips already (the first time we didn’t realize we needed an appointment so that was already a waste of time) and this time was lackluster at best.

Found another used car at the Honda lot but it’s overpriced compared to similar cars, years, mileage, etc. Plus they tacked on an additional $1000 on top of the already “marked down” but overpriced sticker price. The 1k is for some car alarm thing that we don’t want or need but would have no choice but to pay for since it’s already installed. It was our favorite car by far, but not with the slightly higher price and extra non-negotiable pricing options, so that’s a no-go, too.


But I really want Ryma to have a new (to her, used/previously owned otherwise) car when she gets her license so I can, quite selfishly, stop driving her back and forth to school and actually work more consistent hours.

Meanwhile, I’m super grateful for the flexibility work allows to let me drop her off in the morning and leave early to pick her up and then log back in later.

No writing time today between work and car shopping. Finally had dinner, late. Now I’m exhausted. Too tired to concentrate on anything.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Remember, you matter.

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  1. Ugh. I sympathize on the car shopping. I bought a Honda “precertified owned” car from the dealer one time and had nothing but issues with that car. It’s so hard to know. I hope you find something safe, reliable and good for Ryma! (And not too terribly expensive!)

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