Music Monday – Anpanman

I’m not a superhero, don’t expect too much from me
I can be your hero…

As you probably already know, music is very important to me. And BTS is important to me. And so today, I needed some comfort, some support, and BTS has plenty of songs that provide both of those things. Plenty.

The one I chose today is my usual go-to, though, one of my favorite songs of theirs. Uplifting and energetic, and so selfless and truly heroic.

I picked three live performances, one from 2018 which is their comeback (release) show, one from the 2019 tour because it’s just so much fun, and one from 2020, spreading hope amidst covid. I did three because I really couldn’t pick just one. They each offer something unique. Which is your favorite performance?

Anpan is a red bean paste-filled bread bun.

Anpanman is a superhero from a Japanese picture book. His super powers include super hearing, so he can hear when people call out to him from anywhere in the world, and being able to replace his head (so long as Uncle Jam bakes him a new one) when needed. Why would he need a new head? His head is made of anpan, and when he encounters any being (human or not) who is starving, he allows them to eat part of his head.

Anpanman, the BTS song, starts out with Anpanman saying he doesn’t have strong muscles (“I don’t have biceps or pecks”) or a fancy car like Batman, the only thing he can give is Anpan. Himself.

I’m scared of falling
of disappointing you
but even if it takes up all my strength
I’ll be sure to stay by your side

May 24 2018
May 18 2019 Love Yourself, Speak Yourself tour, New York
Sep 2020 Today Show performance

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