Music Monday – Any—

Today’s music post is six songs instead of three. Because there were too many Anys. And I didn’t even include Stray Kids’ Any. Maybe that should be a bonus track? Maybe I should move to a different planet? 😉

Yeah, why not. Blurry lines. So seven songs today. Becasue Anything goes, as does Any.

Anyone Out There? Anyone.

Duran Duran was one of my early 80s hearththrob band crushes, the first group I wrote fanfic about. I was in middle school, my third one after a series of moving within a small area. It was not a good time of my life, but I had music to turn to.

Fast forward many, many years later. Decades even. After discovering K-Pop through my daughter, after falling in love with Epik High but before BTS, there was this other little group of, oh, 13 members. They wrote their own lyrics, had a huge hand in producing their own music, oftentimes created their own choreography, and I really liked the sound. And them. Saw Seungkwan on some variety shows and thought he had a great personality. The8 kills me with his contemporary dance, every member brought something to the team. I was so glad I was able to see Seventeen perform before the pandemic shut everything down, even though they were short a couple of members due to health issues.

Anywhere. Permission to Dance, Anywhere.

There’s a lot of Peakboy on my playlist. I discovered him through either V or RM posting a song on twitter maybe, quite a few years ago. He has such a variety of sounds and styles, he’s versatile, and he’s talented.

And then, of course, there’s BTS. I still love this song. I love the message. I love that it includes sign language in the choreography. And I just love to dance. This fun green-screen version keeps me smiling.

I Can’t Give You Anything But Love. Anytime.

One of my favorite “Oldies” tunes. The cheep cheep (or whatever they say) makes me smile. The falsetto. The doo wop goodness of the Four Seasons. Yes, please. I really can’t give you anything but love.

This last song, I have to admit I don’t know very much about the artist. I stumbled across the song and it fit the theme for today so I’ve included it. I really like his voice and just the easy feeling in the music, and sometimes that vibe is enough to just relax to.

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