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I don’t eat healthy often enough and I’m out of shape. I really need to do something about that sooner rather than later. I’ve been doing better on the eating. Not necessarily eating “healthy” but not eating as much fast food, not drinking as much soda. But the exercise bit is sorely lacking.

I was talking to Ryma about going back to South Korea and wanting to do more hiking. We’d gone to Bukhansan National Park last time and I thought I had picked an easy-to-moderate trail, but either we ended up on the wrong trail or their idea of easy-to-moderate includes steep rock climbing.

Most likely the former. On researching-after-the-fact, there was a note that in order to stay on the easier trail, we shouldn’t cross the bridge at the end of the easy valley trail. I can never resist crossing a bridge so I’m pretty sure we did.

In any case, we veered off the easy trail, and the going got tough. On top of that, Ryma got stung by a wasp, we ran out of water, and we knew we should turn around and head back. But I would like to go again, a bit more prepared, a bit more in shape, and hopefully not at sunset when all the mosquitos are out in full force.

Somewhere on a trail in Bukhansan National Park, Sep 2019

We’d also wanted to go to Palgongsan when we were in Daegu. We decided to forego it when the typhoon hit. Definitely want to go back though and try visiting again. Some day. When travel is safer in general for the public health.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Love you all!

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  1. Looks beautiful! I am not a traditional hiker myself, but sometimes, there isn’t anything that can beat that experience of hiking in the woods. Jim approves. 🙂

    • viv s says:

      heh. I’ve gone backpacking — 3 days in and 2 days out (downhill is faster) type of stuff in my twenties and enjoyed it then, but my knees and my back wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of thing anymore. An easy, mostly flat trail is more my thing these days, and a few hours round trip max.

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