writing action scenes

I am struggling with this. I’m working on updating this one scene, and it’s already sounding better to me, but action is not my forte. It may be why I’m avoiding the inevitable confrontation between two parties as well.

I’m also struggling with action in my real life. There are things I know I should do, need to do, and just don’t want to deal with them. Blergh.

Another week goes by all the same.

Hope your weeks all go well.

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  1. Deanna says:

    Action scenes to me seem technical, so many semantics and logistics to deal with. There’s a more rigid structure, more rules that one has to follow so the characters stay within the bounds of physics. It’s more confining that description or dialogue, where you can just lean back and let things flow. There’s more pressure to “get it right” versus the “set it free” of other parts of writing.

    Similar with RL I guess. Thought is freeing, open ended and non consequential. But as soon as you take an action, there is a consequence and responsibility for that consequence and subsequent events. Hence a tendency toward over thinking and avoidance.

    But, actions make us, and our characters who we are. What they do, what actions they take, shape thier arcs and define who they are and ultimately who they become. For me, action scenes are best tackled with writing sprints. Can’t wait till I’m ready or fully prepared and not afraid. Have to just do it scared.

    Just get it out there. You can always edit it later.

    No coffee this morning, fasting for a blood test…I think I’m still taking about writing?


    • viv s says:

      No coffee?! Yuri sends his sympathies. I hope the results of the blood test were good.

      Some things we do just have to do scared. I’m pretty sure we’re talking about more than just writing. ❤️

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