life is like a box of chocolates …

… that melted.

Life is like a box of melted chocolates.

You never know when those parts of your life you’ve compartmentalized into their own separate spaces will start to run into each other and overlap.

Life is like a box of melted chocolates.

You never know what a person is like on the inside until they let you open the lid, until they let you in.

One side of that person might be nice and neat. Everything looks fine. Life is in control.

Maybe there are some small parts that aren’t perfect, just a little scarred on the top, like those two pieces top right.

Then there are the parts that are trying hard to adjust into the mold that’s expected of them, but just can’t quite manage it.

And then there’s the completely chaotic part that simply can’t conform, that simply won’t fit into the little square wrappers as expected.

The thing is, these chocolates are all the same on the inside. Yum. Beautiful.

This analogy is falling apart. I think I’ll eat another chocolate and stick the box back in the fridge.

May your life be filled with interesting and beautiful chocolates. Or if you don’t like chocolate, then whatever it is you do like.

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  1. Deanna says:

    This analogy is Yum beautiful delicious and makes perfect sense. I totally relate to all of it! It does make me want chocolate, though!

    • viv s says:

      I’d happily share with you if I could. I still have over half the box left. 🙂 And every piece has been yum, no matter what it looked like.

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