I’ve listed out the pros of making Broken the first book instead of Breathe, and I’ve listed out the pros to keeping it Breathe. What I haven’t listed out are any cons. Because I don’t think this is a pros vs cons decision, but rather, which is the better choice of two good choices.

If I do make Broken the first book in the series though, I feel like I need a stronger opening scene than what I currently have. I feel like I’ve mentioned this before. Probably have. It’s still true.

I was thinking of maybe opening with a scene in Gula, but Thayer wouldn’t even have been born and I don’t know that I want to time jump too much. Then again, there’s more than one Gulan around. And I just realized I rather coincidentally (or subconsciously? nah, just coincidentally) mentioned a certain timeline for when that other Gulan left Gula that fits perfectly with the current opening scene. So, yeah, maybe that is my first scene.

Meanwhile, I’ve started revising the existing parts of Broken, filling in more description, and working on rewriting one part in Yuri’s point of view so I can get a better visual and emotional “read” on a certain scene. And now I’m all excited about figuring out what this new opening scene might be. I’ll write it. I may not necessarily keep it in the book, but I’ll try to write it.

Anyway, for some reason this week is dragging by slowly. Too much loss, too much sorrow, not to mention confusion, anxiety, stress … and yet still finding plenty of laughs and lots of love. Hope you can find peace and joy in your lives. ❤️

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  1. Oooh! Intrigued and excited already! Yay for new scene ideas!

    Hope that your Friday goes by fast and the weekend is better. *hugs*

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