Still Outlining

I’m up to Found in my outlining. I’m really proud of this story and it still makes my own heart pitter-patter, but it’s definitely missing something, specifically between the last two chapters. Yeah, this story definitely needs some work.

I’m up to the sixth story now in the outline, with only one more to go after this. The more I outline this series, the more I’m convinced I have the wrong “Book 1.”

“Book 3” might make for a better beginning. Broken needs some more work though. I think I need to explain more of the world, more of who these characters are, especially if it’s the book I end up starting with.

And given the direction I’ve been heading with the final book of the series, it would help make both Sam’s and Thayer’s stories come full circle, a neater beginning and end, with some adventures and life stuff happening in the middle.

The thought of more work on these books is both daunting and exciting.

Hope you’re all having a relaxing weekend. Peace and love.

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  1. It sounds like seeing it all laid out is really helping you get a better sense of what goes where! That is great. More work on the books is probably daunting, but I’m so glad it’s exciting, too! I’m excited for you!!

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