The Sky

I’m kind of at a loss of what to write about tonight. I never know what I should or shouldn’t say. Besides the music posts, I don’t plan these things out in advance. That’s probably why I change subjects a few times as I ramble on. 😉

Vacation is on my mind, because today was the last day of it. A week off work, purposefully taken mid-week to mid-week so I could have a lovely long weekend. And it was lovely in every way.

The company, the food, the laughter, the freedom to just be me even if that me isn’t always the “best” me.

I said things I regret. I always do. I shared things I wish I hadn’t. I tend to ramble on about crazy ideas, recollections that make me think twice about who someone is or was, and my jumble of memories from a pretty mixed-up childhood. But I trust these people. So it’s okay.

Yesterday I was on an airplane, traveling home, staring at the blue sky above and the clouds just below, and it was peaceful.

It made me think of a divide between worlds. Not just the above and below, not just the sky and the ground of my fictional universe, but the way some people might compartmentalize their lives, dividing their own small worlds into different groups.

There’s family, of course. Maybe a work group of some sort, mosque or church or some other spiritual group, and then add in a club or two. And all these worlds, while they may have some overlap, tend to be kept separate. What you share with your family isn’t the same as what you share with your sewing circle or the fandom for that book series you really like, and you certainly wouldn’t want to include your work colleagues in that mix, having them read your posts on twitter about some band you like, much less letting them read the fanfic you write.

And then there are friends. Somehow really close friends tend to overarch all these worlds. They could belong to one or more of those groups I mentioned, connecting them. And you talk to them about anything: family, health, work, faith, books, music, everything.

I think about the finale to my series, what it is I want to really convey with these stories, why the characters even do what it is they do. Maybe it’s because these disparate worlds should connect more often.

Find ways to stay connected. And be safe about it, please.

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  1. Gah. You guys say things I wish I’d said. I mostly compartmentalize my life with some overlap here and there. It’s always like someone splashed water on my face when pieces from one part show up in another. It’s one of the things that I really didn’t like about Facebook when I started there–both the colliding of worlds and the fact that you find out facets of people you really would rather not have found out.

    I get that about the sharing things you wish you hadn’t. It’s always a crapshoot. But I think real friendship is all about being all the facets of yourself. True friends will love you even if your best self isn’t always front and present.

    And I think sometimes that’s the key to a real friend – one who doesn’t care if you’re not your best self and doesn’t feel the drive to always be better than they are in the moment, too. Real friends are real with you.

    I’m glad you are who you are and very glad to be your friend in all your reality. <3

  2. Deanna says:

    So interesting, the different worlds thing. I am one of those who tends to maybe err too far on the side of compartmentalization. It’s a scary thing to brave that leap and build those bridges. I’ve had times I’ve wished I had, and other times when I wish I had not. There’s a sense of responsibility associated with it and an infinite world of new possibilities doing that can open up. But, your post and thoughts make me realize that just like everything else, not all those possibilities are bad.

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