Goodbye, Truck

Word is my frenemy. Frenemie? Frienemy? However you spell the dang thing.

I had a mental breakdown when I somehow applied styles to my outlining document and messed everything up and couldn’t fix it. I banged my keyboard. I banged my spiral notebook agianst my head. I yelled at my daughter.

Today wasn’t going to be a day for writing or anything having to do with Word.

Luckily my daughter’s got the smarts. She made me take a break, even though I had only started working on the outline five minutes earlier. She didn’t care. She encouraged me to go outside with her. She is all sorts of awesome and level-headedness that I’m not.

We went out and I thought I ought to move the truck from where it was parked. So we tried to get the truck to start. It wouldn’t. It has a brand new battery, so that’s not the issue. Unless something is perpetually “on” that is draining the battery. Because we thought the battery had died last time, got a new one, and voilà, the truck started. But now it won’t again. *sigh* It might be the alternator. It might be a fuse. But I really just don’t want to spend any more money on her right now to find out.

So we reminisced about the truck: the time she rode her bike along side it and scraped the handlebars against it and it took me three days to notice and I thought someone had keyed it. The battles with fences that the truck fought and lost (there were two). The times it had been rear-ended. The way it would struggle going over the “mountain” passes around here. Heck, the way it struggled going up a small hill.

I’ve had that truck since September 2003. She had a good life. A couple more years would’ve been nice, but I knew she probably wouldn’t make it much longer, not without sinking a lot more money into her. And after 180,000+ miles, I’m afraid she’s at the end of her road.

But she seems too young, too new, to let go of her right now. I’ve never not had a vehicle that didn’t last over 250,000 miles. She’s the first.

Do they not make ’em like they used to or did I just run her ragged on gravel roads and winding levies? Did I go over those railroad tracks or dips a little too fast for her to handle?

Goodbye, truck. Or, well, actually, see you tomorrow and the next day and the next, stuck parked crookedly in the driveway until I find someone to take a look at her or figure out how to sell her for parts. 😉

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