I signed up for a two-day training course at work, today and tomorrow. Lots of fun things like APIs and JSON, which I wish I could use more at work and get out of the rut I’m in there, and that’s mainly why I’m taking this class.

Today went okay but it was a rocky start. I couldn’t log in, my computer started glitching, and of course I had to ask a lot of questions at the beginning because I was over fifteen minutes late due to the technical issues. Questions like, “where do I get the eBook (training manual)?” and “how do I find my tenant?” which I’m sure were all answered in those precious first minutes I missed.

It wasn’t my fault that I got a late start. I had started trying to log in a full fifteen minutes before the class. It just took over thirty to resolve everything.

And the instructor was super laid back, friendly, didn’t mind answering my questions. Stuff happens, right? I’m glad he wasn’t uptight about it.

And I’m excited about learning this new stuff and hopefully get a chance to actually apply it. I can think of a half-dozen use cases for it, and there are countless projects already in the works. My friend and co-worker has been rather overwhelmed as of late because it’s pretty much just him and one other guy on all this stuff, so if I can carve out time in my day to help them, that’ll help break up my monotony at work, too.

But I’m kind of brain dead and just vegging out right now. No energy for writing or outlining or editing. I sat by the pool and watched the water for an hour after the class, just relaxing.

Hope you all have ways to relax in these stressful times. Stay safe. Love you!

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  1. That sounds awesome! That is great that you’re doing that to help alleviate the load for someone else, not to mention the great skills you’ll acquire.

    I hope it continues to go well!

    And relaxing by the pool sounds wonderful. It’s so easy just to forget about relaxing and winding down. I’m glad you did that for yourself. You needed it!

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