Music Monday – Permission to …

Nah, I did PTD last week. But I am so happy to see it’s debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100! 💃🕺

Permission to … Drink Pepsi? In addition to Tetris Kelly’s billboard announcement, this popped up on my YouTube home page:

And since I haven’t done my Music Monday post yet, I thought, yes, why not: Advertisements!

So in all seriousness, the Pepsi song above doesn’t make the cut of my favorite “Idol Advertisement Songs”, as much as I love Rain. And it has nothing to do with Coke vs Pepsi.

But these other three songs do make the cut, though I may be stretching the meaning of “advertisement” a bit.

Mamamoo makes the best ad songs I’ve ever heard. Like, they’re on my playlist as if they were regular songs, good. I couldn’t decide which of these two I liked better, so I’m including both: Gleam, a commercial for Davich Optical, and Wanna Be Myself, a commercial for Andar sportswear.

And the only other “ad” song I can think of, if you want to call it that, that’s also on my playlist, is this promotion for a certain Fantastic Marvel movie:


And let me know if there are any advertisement songs you like!

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