To Hear You

I went through all the edits and started getting ready to page up my next fanfiction story. As I was going through the comments and feedback, I couldn’t help but notice that I’d written something that has since hit far too close to home. I’m not changing it. If anything, I’m now certain it could happen that way.

But man … that was hard to re-read. I hope by the time I post that chapter this whole nightmare will be behind us. The court date is August 30. There still isn’t an official case number, just a date. This has made things difficult where a case number is required for certain services. It’s very frustrating. Our bailbondsman was contacting the DA’s office to see if he could get more info.

I hear her, but it seems like no one else wants to. 🙁

Coincidentally, the bailbondsman and my fanfic character’s father share the same name. I think I’ll change her father’s name.

Peace and love to you all. And may you never be in this situation.

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  1. Maryn says:

    Know that you have my very best wishes and virtual hugs. Whatever your situation, it’s bound to be difficult and stressful for you and loved ones who care about you and what has happened. Any time a person has to appear in court it has to be an ordeal. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Huge hugs, sweetie. I wish I could make things better for you. So frustrating on so many levels!!!

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