gotta keep writing

So I’ve been trying to get into Joash’s backstory. Instead, he tried talking to me about valences and bonds and how attachments work. All well and good and something I should figure out how to explain, but most of it went, to quote Hanson, “over my head instead of into it.” I’d rather it had done the latter.

Meanwhile, the cherubic middle brother remains recalcitrant when it comes to opening up to me about his past.

I could try to focus on the remaining two brothers’ back stories. Except … Yuri pretends to be asleep and Nathan’s head is in a book pretending he can’t hear me. I know they both can. Joash, too. Stubborn lot, the three of them.

Still, I’ve managed to keep writing something, although most of it is unusable drivel.

On the fanfiction front, I’m still editing my friend’s story, about 5 chapters to go in that. And I need to start incorporating edits into my own upcoming story and get the pages ready for posting. And I need to find time to catch up on some other reading in the fandom. Lots to keep me busy, or rather, to keep me distracted from other work.

Hope everyone has a pleasant and relaxing evening!

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  1. Yay for writing! Boo that they’re being stubborn! Hope that they start talking to you!

    And eek! I need to get editing. Eternally and forever behind.

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