Music Monday – feeling random pt.2

I wasn’t sure what to post today music-wise. I had a couple of themes in mind, but couldn’t settle on one. Then I hit shuffle on my playlist and decided that worked. I’ll admit I skipped one or two songs on that shuffled list to get to these three. So it’s not a truly random first three songs that popped up, but within the first five. And I’m shuffling their order around on top of that. So not very random at all. And yet random in the sense that there’s no over-arching theme. Although maybe there is and I just haven’t noticed it.

Dhurata Dora – Harrom

I discovered Dhurata Dora a couple of years ago when she did a collaboration with an Algerian singer/rapper, Soolking, Zemër. I don’t have a lot of her on my playlist, but there are a few songs and this is one of her newer ones.

Harrom means forgot, or at least Ti harrom means I forgot, at least according to the translations I found. I’m not certain since I don’t speak Albanian. There’s some line in there about being tired of the rain, wanting some sun. “U lodha mo me shi po du diell pak” I think is the one. I like that. And I like that it’s sunny at that part in the video. Clearly she’s not talking about the weather.

Thievery Corporation – Time + Space

Going back quite a few years here … 2017, I think. I’ve long loved Thievery Corporation and have been fortunate enough to see them perform live with a good friend of mine. We danced up a storm through the smoky haze. Fun times, great music, even the opening act was amazing.

The chorus hooked me on this song from the first listen, but the whole song is beautiful.

Through the light, I can carry your pain
Through the light, I can take all your worries

Nodey ft. Suboi – Đôi Khi ❤️

The heart emoji is part of the song title. Well deserved, though. I’d add a few more hearts to this one. ❤️❤️❤️

I follow 88Rising and they dropped this on their channel so of course I checked it out. Fell in love immediately. It’s been on my playlist ever since, and now I’m waiting for Suboi’s new release on the 9th, amongst other releases that same day.

Suboi also has this wonderful little video about using cloth diapers and it just makes me so happy. Search youtube for “SUBOI – BAC BINH SAUCIN’ (TOKYO DRIFT FREESTYLE)” for that extra content. 😁

But back to this song, because the diaper one isn’t on my playlist …

The imagery can be a little uncomfortable for some, so I’ve heard, but I find it just stunningly beautiful.

Đôi khi em trông thấy anh đôi khi lại không
Đôi tay ta ôm lấy nhau không đi về đâu

Sometimes I see you; sometimes I don’t
Our hands are holding each other, not going anywhere …

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