Head writing

It’s something, but it’s not as good as getting it actually written out. I just haven’t felt like sitting down and writing today, partly because of a headache and partly because the dog’s been distracting me a lot with his fear of fireworks. Poor Deebs.

So head writing is all I’ve accomplished today, at least in the writing space.

But I’ve been trying to figure out some plot points for the final book. And also trying to decide whether or not to include more of Nathan’s backstory. I haven’t touched on his background at all, besides a tiny little mention of it.

Part of this comes about from yesterday’s question about something your character hates. Sam is my main character, and he hedged on his answer, but four of his brothers gave me an answer without any hesitation.

Thayer: “When my brothers hurt.”

John: “Being alone.”

Joash: “Feeling helpless.”

Nathan: “Betrayal.”

I’ve mentioned Nathan’s feeling betrayed before. I really need to dig into that and see what that’s really all about. I know at some level what’s happened, but I never looked too deeply at it. Hopefully I can get him to open up about it and tell me more.

Stay safe everyone. And if you’re celebrating July 4th, enjoy!

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  1. You know, I find it interesting to see what one character hedges over is one that another one answers unequivocally.

    And yes. Please dig into Nathan. Thank you. *grin* (And the others, too. I’m good with that.)

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