it’s been rough

Didn’t get to bed until 4am. Skipped my 6am and 7am work calls, but managed to crawl to my computer for my 8am. My boss knows, high-level anyway, the situation, so totally understanding why I blew off the morning meetings. But enough about me.

Because the real focus should be on my daughter. She is amazing. She’s handling this, she will make it through. I have faith in her, and she has faith in herself.

It’s her story, not mine to share. But I wanted to acknowledge and truly appreciate all the love and support sent her way. Thank you.

Love you all. Stay safe.

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  1. Maryn says:

    Just continuing to send positive thoughts for the next steps in your paths forward <3

  2. Deanna says:

    So sorry to hear about the storm your daughter is going through, but I am in admiration of her strength and of yours. You can feel the love and support you and she have for each other between the words of your post. I wish you both continued strength and fortitude. Hoping for as smooth and peaceful resolution as possible, and sending you and her lots of love and vibes for continued courage and patience.

  3. Loads of love, hugs and support both to you and your daughter. I hope you can get some rest tonight. Glad your boss was supportive of you and understanding. It’s so good that you have people like that in your life at all different levels. Keeping you guys in my prayers. <3

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