The day started out not so good. I just wasn’t feeling well, stayed in bed most of the day.

Then this afternoon my mom called, which perked me up. She’s doing better, some test results came back that were good, and she’s gained some weight.

Then my daughter came home from spending the weekend with her dad and showed me her straight A report card. I’m so freaking proud of her! She worked hard for those As and A+s. Well deserved!! She decided she wanted Chipotle and Starbucks for dinner, so that’s what we had. 🙂

So that’s pretty much been my day. None of the chores I’d hoped to do today got done.

I did do some head writing. I went back and figured out some things that happened in Dion. I don’t know that it’s important or that I’ll ever reference it, but I probably should actually write it down somewhere so I have it. It might be important, especially for understanding some of the motives of some characters. Maybe I’ll try to do that tonight since I slept in so late this morning.

Kiwi, one of the cats, has a vet appointment tomorrow. So of course I haven’t seen her all day. I’m sure she’s probably hiding in the garage or something. There’s a cat door between the laundry room and the garage, so they go in and out of their all the time. If I spot her at any point before tomorrow morning, I’m locking her into a room (with food, water, and a litter box, natch) so I can find her when we need to leave. Otherwise I’ll have to reschedule.

Neighbors are still shooting off fireworks. It’s going to be like this through at least mid-July most likely.

That’s all from me.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend.

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