I was editing a story for a friend, 14 chapters. I’d done one read through, had lots of notes and comments, and was making a second pass. Somehow I overwrote the original file and lost all my notes. I tried recovering unsaved files, restoring previous versions, etc, but I don’t like the way autosave disrupts my typing flow and don’t use one drive, so nada. Have to start over. Well, from chapter 6 at least. I do have the first five chapters’ notes.

I also got the cats new collars, these ones with little bells. The jingle jangle makes it sound like Christmas around here but I’m hoping it means less small dead animals dragged into the house. Found another dead lizard under the bed this morning and more feathers in the closet a few days ago.

And I made “firecracker” meatballs for dinner. Yummy, spicy, filling. I hate cooking, so I’m always in a good mood when I manage to cook and it actually tastes good. I’m trying to make sure I cook at home at least four nights per week. Don’t ask what I do the other three *she says eyeing the avocados on the counter and a bag of tortilla chips*  What? chips & guac is dinner, isn’t it?

No other updates writing wise or anything … but want to keep posting daily, or near daily. I’m sure I’ve missed a few. Hopefully my life isn’t too boring. 😉

Peace and love, all!

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  1. That sucks about losing all that editing work. 🙁 I hate when that sort of thing happens.

    Go you on cooking home at least four nights a week. I really need to start working on that. It’s embarrassing how much I get takeout or DoorDash. When I was talking to my mom about it yesterday, the word “gluttony” was passed around. Oy. I need to work on eating better and cooking at home. (I hate both things. *G*) But that HelloFresh company has been doing good for me so far. I’ve liked most everything they’ve sent my way. And it’s nice to have something planned out for me in advance. Meal planning isn’t something I enjoy either. I’m working on it, though! So, I salute you in solidarity!! 🙂

    • viv s says:

      I think John would disagree with the term “gluttony”. He’d point out it’s less about the food and more about the attitude, so I doubt very much you’re gluttons at all!

      I went through a phase where I was door dashing like crazy a couple of years ago. Then I started adding up all the fees and even with their plan discounts, I decided a meal box subscription would be way cheaper. Hello Fresh has been working for me, too. I stick to the simpler recipes, and I also like that at least a few meals a week are planned. Because I’m also no good at that. So, yes, thank you for the solidarity! We’re going to ignore the fact that I had In-N-Out last night for dinner, right? 😉

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