A whole slew of them. Tiny little things, maybe a few not so tiny. And when they keep piling up, the weight is really noticeable.

Luckily I have good friends I can vent to, a dog I can take for a walk, and a beautiful full moon (or nearly full in any case) that not only I can see, but that someone else shared a picture of earlier, too. It gave me this zen sort of feeling to know friends of mine across the country could also share in that beauty.

I’m trying to take some time off this weekend so I can get stuff done. Or just relax. Or hopefully both. It’s currently not looking like I will be able to take Friday off completely (straws), but I will do my best to log off early. As in 1pm early, not 5pm “early” (more straws).

I managed to get a little bit of writing done tonight. Konrad was in good form today. I love being vicariously rude af through him. *veg*

But for now, as one of my stress relievers, I’m going to do some nonograms or play Animal Crossing, do something fun and relaxing.

Good night, all! Make sure you take at least a few minutes out of each day to do something just for you, too. Love you!

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  1. *huge hugs*, sweetie. I hope this weekend is better.

    And yay for writing!! 🙂

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