Happy Friday!

Seemed like this day would never get here. But it did, of course. And it will again in another seven days.

Not much to report. I picked up Book 3 out of the blue, started looking at that. Maybe I had Thayer on my mind thanks to a friend of mine. 😀 But I didn’t really do much with it. Just rereading it for now.

Rewatched part of Sowoozoo on the replay night tonight, but really just had it on in the background while I did other stuff.

Made breakfast for lunch and accidentally burnt the bacon because I was too lazy to do it properly in two batches. I hate cooking. But it wasn’t so burnt that we couldn’t eat it, just very brown and crispy. 😛

If I can gather up some energy I might try to do a little bit of writing tonight or maybe some editing or, whoa … just had a thought. I could do some reading. Reading that doesn’t involve me having to do anything besides enjoy the story.

Love you all. Peace!

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