How is it only Thursday?

All day long I’ve felt like it was Friday. Even just an hour ago, I was thinking I could sleep in tomorrow. Ah well, one more day.

Part of the Friday feeling is probably due to Ryma *finally* being out of school. Last day of school this late in June? Grr … and then she goes back August 5th … Arrghhh! Shortest. Summer. Ever. And you’ll read about me griping about that often over the next few weeks.

Speaking of summer, it only reached 106 F today instead of the forecasted 108 F. I feel cheated out of two degrees! Either way it felt like a sauna. Heavenly. I am not being sarcastic, either. I love the dry heat. I’m usually freezing cold and wear a sweater, but not today.

I didn’t do any writing today. I may have burned up my few remaining brain cells working on the truck (actually, standing around checking lights and then trying to start her while someone else worked under the hood) earlier in the middle of the very hot afternoon. But I did manage to edit another chapter for my friend. It felt good to get that out.

Also read through one of my beta-readers comments. Thank you! She’s always giving me something to think about. Love it. And her.

Other than that, just the usual busy, stressful work today. At least tomorrow is actually Friday!

Peace and love to you all.

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  1. That’s just insane about Ryma’s school schedule. Ugh. Yuck on the heat and having to work on the truck. 🙁 I would just want to sit in an ice bath in front of a fan that was blowing in front of the A/C.

    Hang in there this week with those high temperatures coming through! *hugs*

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