Fun and more fun

Discovered a great grocery store in Walnut Creek: Lunardi’s. They have a particular brand of Blood Orange Juice that I really like, so I bought three cartons.

Finished off one carton tonight. Ryma and I lined up three shot glasses each of juice. We played a game of Quirkle and were supposed to take a shot for each Quirkle we got. She whimpered every time I made a move that would mess up the pattern she had going, and we ended up cheating a lot. Plus we forgot to keep score.

The game got a bit out of hand so we switched to Cat-opoly, this time rewarding ourselves with a shot of the sweet-tart juice every time we passed Scat! (Go). Ryma trounced me in the game but we had a lot of fun.

The biggest laugh was when I landed on one of her properties with a fishbone (hotel) on it, had to pay her $1000, and handed her the cash, no problem. Then on the next turn I owed her $44 but only had $20-something left and a ‘Get out of water free’ card. It was the beginning of my end.

No writing, editing, or reading got done today, but that’s okay.

Now it’s 1:00 am but I am hanging out until 2:30 am to watch Sowoozoo (BTS Muster concert for Festa, aka 8th Anniversary). Have my ARMY bomb ready, just have to hope I stay awake. Or maybe I’ll try to take a nap *she says, yawning*.

Have a good night, all!

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! Cheating and giggling and drinking blood orange juice (the name of which intrigues me. Is this the vampire version of orange juice? ;)) Hi to Ryma! 🙂

    • viv s says:

      Mongibello Blood Orange Juice:

      My sister pays up the wazoo for this stuff. It’s like manna from heaven. It’s soooo goooood. And now that I’ve found a local market that sells it, I can buy it for only $7.99/carton instead of … um …more than $20.00/carton with shipping. Yikes.

      This is not a paid advertisement. The views expressed here in are purely my own. yadda yadda …

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