Friday … TMI day?

I’m lactose intolerant. I know this. I’ve been known this. (I know that’s not grammatically correct, but it’s dialogue, in a sense, and dialogue doesn’t follow grammar rules.)

Went to run some errands earlier this afternoon, including picking up something from Lowe’s. Habit Burger is right there, across the parking lot. “We haven’t had Habit in a while,” I say to my daughter, who’s driving.

Next thing I know, being hungry, stressed, and tired, I’m ordering tempura green beans and a coffee milkshake with whipped cream.

It was delicious. I savored every bite of those salty, deep-fried green beans and every drop of that creamy coffee-flavored shake.

It’s a decision I both regret and don’t regret.

(And for the record, I did take a Lactaid at the start. It helped. Somewhat.)

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  1. Hope you are feeling better! I had similar issues tonight with peanut butter. I really need to stay away from it. Sigh. Don’t want to develop an allergy to it.

    Sending hugs your way!

    • viv s says:

      Be careful with those allergy things! Says the woman who insists on eating avocado even though I suspect I am allergic to it. But it just tastes so good!!

      • LOL! It’s very bad. And peanuts are one of those allergies you really don’t want because everything has traces of peanuts in them. I’ll have to be more careful (says she who had peanut butter cups yesterday…*G*) Be careful with those avocados!

  2. Deanna says:

    Hey, if it’s worth it, it’s worth it, right?

    This post reminds mer of the time I head you over and fed you nothing but cheese for 3 days. You poor thing.

    Thanks for this very relatable post. I made poor choices yesterday myself, involving chocolate caramel nut clusters.

    • viv s says:

      It wasn’t all cheese. I remember a very tasty chicken, rice, and asparagus dish, yummy smoothies, and yes, ice cream with good friends. Delicious!! Besides, I love cheese. 🧀 And that’s what lactaids are for! lol.

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