Thursday …

And I’m blanking on any kind of alliterative word to go with that. “Thorough Thursday”? Nah.

Book 5?: Did a tiny bit more writing. Really want to share spoilers. Really shouldn’t. Way too early. *g* It’s also all still disjointed, just a bunch of snippets. But I have to get the words down, get them out. Later, I can rearrange them and change them and get it how it needs to be.

Book 1: Love reading the comments and suggestions from my beta reader. She has such good insights and points out things I would never catch on my own. I’m holding off on making any actual changes though until I get the evaluation back from the editor. *bites nails nervously*

Friend’s Book/Story: Finally finished reading it through. I have a twinge of writer’s jealousy from her ending. I have never been good at endings. Hers is perfectly perfect. Re-read the first chapter as well, added a few more notes, and hopefully can keep a steady pace on this piece so I can get it back to her sooner rather than later.

All in all, a pretty productive evening. It helped that I logged off work “early”, and by that, I mean nine hours after I started, rather than working late. I have writing to do for work, too, though, and keep putting it off. Which means I’ll have to do it all tomorrow. Pbbbbt.

Hope everyone has had a good day. Be kind to yourself. Love you all.

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  1. Go you on getting your work done! That’s awesome. I need to do some editing, too. Getting things back on a timely basis is hard. Go you on doing it!!

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