Music Monday – My High is Epik

This week, I bring to you the K-Hip-Hop group I fell in love with years ago, my gateway drug that led me down the dark path of falling deep into the “K-Pop” (I use the term loosely) rabbit hole.

낙화 (落花) (Fallen Blossom)

Have I been fooling myself, holding onto an already scattered dream?
Have I lost my grasp of the world, my hands instead full of delusions?

I will never give up. I have a dream.

This has long been one of my favorite songs. With lyrics like these, this song spoke to me, especially this last week. It’s a beautifully poetic song.

The opening lines, the imagery they start with is poignant. Even if you don’t like the music, I’m going to put up a lyric video, translated by ‘daechungpower’, and you can just read the poetry in this song. Even the line daechungpower chose as the thumbnail … EPIK.

Amor Fati (feat. Kim Jong Wan)

You try to run away, run away from the world
But then you run away, run away from yourself
And you don’t know the way home.

This is a “Fan Made” video. Now, usually, I hear the words “fan made” and I cringe. I think of some stan putting together a lot of different clips from different videos, lives, whatever, and then posting it as a video to one of their favorite songs. I don’t usually like fan made videos.

This Fan-Made video is posted on the Official Epik High channel. This Fan-Made video is none of what I described above. This Fan-Made video is a work of art that accompanies the artistry of the song. This “Fan Made” video is HIGH quality by UGI Production.

Burj Khalifa

Yeah, my drug is this song. It’s a therapeutic drug, a recreational drug, it’s just an EPIK HIGH … as high as the Burj Khalifa.

Put your earphones in instead of needles

Hey you got some of my rap on your nose

Man I OD’d
Fever’s end brought an overdose of despair and this is REHAB

So for fun and a change of vibe, Burj Khalifa:

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