Monday, Monday

bah, dah, bah dah dah dah … Can’t trust that day …

Busy day at work.

Did a bit more editing for my friend’s story.

The flooring project that I canceled/postponed back in March 2020 is finally back on track. Flooring’s been delivered and the installer is scheduled for the upcoming weekend. Hope that all goes smoothly.

Oh, and I got a lovely postcard from someone, with the words “I Believe” on it. Timely. So between Monday, Monday and I Believe, I’ve got Neil Diamond goign through my head, because “I’m a Believer. Not a trace of doubt in my mind.”

I can only hope this will spur me to write the danged Epilogue for Whisper already. *g*

So yeah, that’s it for me tonight. Quiet night. Hope all is well with everyone. Peace!

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  1. I hope it inspires the epilogue for Whisper, too!! 🙂

    • viv s says:

      How timely that I read this comment today! It helped, but the time spent on Sunday doing actual writing instead of just head writing helped more. Thank you for everything. Love you!

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