Still June …

2nd day of the month.

I feel very stressed today, mostly work related.

Some spoilers below … light spoilers. Hardly spoilers, but sort of spoilers. Eh.

I did another read-through of Blame the Imperfect Me. I took the ending off, added a different ending, one I had kicked around before but decided against adding originally. It involves Liz. I’ll let it simmer and read it over again on the weekend. Out loud.

I’m planning on using the previous ending as the beginning of the next book I work on, only changing point-of-view to Tristan and starting from before that point.

The ending of Blame was originally going to be a little less happy. I always knew that. I always knew why. I changed it because I didn’t have that next book really figured out, so I changed the tone. Which worked, if I stopped writing in this series. But now that I’m starting to understand where this is headed, I need to bring some of that less happy ending back into the fold.

But don’t worry. Sam has reassured me in the absolute sappiest of terms that no matter what happens, he loves Tristan. Nothing, no matter how much I torture him, will change that. *g*

I just need to figure out how to get from point A to point Z.

What I really need is a writing weekend, time away where I can spend hours upon hours on my laptop typing away with my loud clackity keyboard. Preferrably with friends who are also typing away, or at least won’t mind if I ignore them while they try to talk to me. Much like I did in Michigan last year. 😉 Love you guys!

Seriously. Love you, all! Be good to yourself.

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