Music Monday – Butter

You couldn’t possibly have expected anything else? I mean, sure, I should’ve posted this last Monday, but I was in a car for a good chunk of the day and didn’t post anything. So a week late, but still relevant.

Butter has broken quite a few records, and I’m still streaming this summer bop over a week later. I’d love if ARMY can get this to 300M views in less than 13 days and beat the current record. 🧈 I’m right behind them and doing what I can, but with 28M views and only a few days left, it’s going to be close.

So first up, the official mv. BTS are known for their deep, moving songs. Songs that make you feel some kind of way. But one of many things I love about BTS is their recognition of the need for a song that just makes you feel good. Happiness, joy, these are important feelings, too, and we don’t get enough of them. This song makes me smile, and I think that’s wonderful. Love the shoutout to ARMY, the dance break, the “waffle” stage, and most of all their big, happy smiles. Smooth criminals, indeed!

Next up, the live premier at the BBMAs. The set is amazing, the use of lighting so good as always, the live vocals … this performance is smooth as buttah!

And in typical BTS fashion, they give us a remix, another fun version of the song. Like the original wasn’t already fun enough. The relaxed feel of the “Hotter Remix” and the chaotic antics in the background — perfectly perfect. The falling chair, the “angry” lyrics, the “intense” dance moves, and more … This version has ARMY written all over it, even if they didn’t spell it out.

And a bonus vid. Rather than another version of Butter, something else that gave me a few giggles. An important lesson on some trending hand gestures. 🖖 Live Long and Prosper!

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