Just a short update tonight. Working on the fifth(ish) book, advanced that a tiny bit. Up to 7000+ words now, so still just at the beginning. I didn’t write all that tonight, probably less than 1000 for the evening.

I usually write as I go, don’t really plan things out, which is why I often get stuck on endings. I’m trying to be better about that, so I started writing out notes, things that need to happen in this story, the loose ends I want to tie up.

I think I have all the players in the right place for this finale. I have the inevitable Gula/Daria confrontation to work with. I have Sam and Tristan’s relationship to work out. And I have some other fun characters back in the picture, or at least plans to bring them back in the fold, as well as a few who’ve been hinted at.

But I realized I still don’t know how this book is going to end. I need an ending to work towards or I’ll probably end up writing in circles.

So my goal for this weekend is to figure out the ending. One that does not involve chunky auras–although Julian mentioned Daria’s aura already. I’m not sure if that will stay in or get cut.

Hope everyone has a lovely, long weekend. Peace and love, all!

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