As in the “census designated place”, because we seem to like those. Mostly. This one was nice, and we went to the fish hatchery just outside of the community. I knew we had stopped off at a wonderful place when we were greeted by this beautiful raven. They really are such magnificent birds.

My sister had suggested the hatchery because she wanted to check on a mama duck and her babies. Mama duck had eleven little ducklings a week ago.

When we’d first arrived, I had only seen seven, a couple of them still swimming in the water nearby. After walking around the small pond, I went back to check and there were nine little heads visible. I promise I didn’t take the other two. Really. I hope they’re just buried under the pile of ducklings.

As much as I wanted to hold the little fluff balls, I didn’t. I wouldn’t. Even if Mama Duck hadn’t been watching carefully.

I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. Peace, all!

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