Time Off

Remember my small rant about the 114 subgenres? I apologize for it. I apologize to the editor who asked about it. I’ve apologized to her directly as well. I’m sorry I overreacted to it, sorry I judged her based on it.

I’m taking some time off work for the next few days. I need the break. Work has been so stressful and I find myself snapping at people and just feeling on edge all the time. Not saying this as an excuse for any of my behavior, but rather acknowledging that I need a break.

So yay for a very long, extended weekend which includes visits with people I love. I was thinking to unplug for the weekend, too, but I don’t know that I really want to. I like the momentum of posting daily and want to keep that up.

Plus Butter 🧈 is dropping. How can I unplug and stream at the same time? That would hinder my streaming capabilities, but I’ll do my best. 🧈 ⟭⟬

Either way, I’ll decide each day as I go. So if you don’t hear from me for a week, don’t worry. 🙂

Also, I think I’ve found an editor. Which is a scary thought, but a good one. I am still waiting to hear back from a couple of people, but meanwhile I’m moving forward with one in particular.

And I’m really enjoying working on Blame. The new beginning of it is much more in line with how things work in this imaginary world of mine. Trouble is a brewing, and I love it. 😉

It almost makes me want to scratch book 1 and just start here, but I don’t know how that would work. Plus, I have some scenes and lines that I just love in book 1, but I do worry the overall story is too weak. Until book 2.

*sigh* I need to stop double-guessing myself and just keep moving forward. I need to believe it will all work out somehow.

And I need this upcoming time off.

Thank you for reading this and for supporting me on this journey. Peace and love!

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