Music Monday – aliens

Last week was for the dogs. This one is for aliens. All sorts of aliens. Maybe because B1A4’s Solo Day got me thinking about them, and maybe because of Thayer and his UFOs.

Switching up the format a bit, too …

Hope you enjoy these songs. Always feel free to drop whatever songs you like in the comments, too. 🙂 I’ll be back later with a writing update.

Twice – Signal: I’m not as big of a Once as my daughter, don’t really consider myself a Once at all, but I do like quite a few of Twice’s songs. Most because they’re just lighthearted and fun. Signal was one of the first ones that I took notice to after dismissing other hits of theirs. It’s just too cute. “You just don’t get it, do you?”

Lee Suhyun – Alien: She is an amazing singer and this song shows a different side of her than AkMu’s usual style of love/heartbreak songs. While this song is super cute and bouncy, it’s also got a bit more of a message in addition to the cute story. “Becoming harder to contain your growing strength and voice …”

twenty one pilots – Chlorine: I think this little guy is an alien, and super cute. The song isn’t one I’d describe as “cute” though, despite the adorable little guy. And we get the usual amazing wordplay on this song that first drew me to them. “Now different lives I lead, My body lives on lead, …”

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