Art doesn’t judge.

Rough day at work. Super rough. But I logged off early and got some work done on the story this evening. Just a super short update tonight.

I’ve finished up Hanson’s scene, which was a hard one, and I’m not sure I have the tone quite right. I’ll take another look at it tomorrow. I’ve also gotten part way through the next scene after that, cutting a lot of it out and rewriting what’s left. There should only be two more scenes needed to wrap up this story. Almost there … so close I can feel it. Maybe I’ll “finish” this draft of the book this weekend. But if it takes longer, it takes longer.

And then comes the hard part. Finding a professional editor and a cover artist and preparing myself for the next draft and edits after some stranger points out everything wrong with this book. And there’s plenty wrong. I’m not delulu. But hopefully there’s also enough right.

Someone I follow, Cedric Gegel, noted (or “cedited”) in a video he released earlier today, “Above all, art never judges us. We may judge ourselves as artists, but the art itself never judges us. It simply creates alongside us, harmoniously.”

I’m trying to remember and hold onto that. I especially love how he’s worded it, that the art creates … not the artist, but the art itself. I’ve felt that many times with these characters. They are telling their stories; I’m just the vessel through which they are sharing them.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

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