May 12

Went to Bird’s Landing and explored around there for today’s drive. The scenery was inspiring. Not the best picture, but it was taken from a moving vehicle so I’m impressed it came out at all. More than once, we wanted to pull over and see if we couldn’t fit a sheep or two into the back of the car.

The ranchers wouldn’t miss just one or two, would they? We could always blame a fox or something … But I promise no sheep were harmed or sheep-napped on our drive.

I also managed to get through a couple of scenes, the same two I’ve been working on, for Breathe, Day 5. While I did delete some of the stuff I wrote yesterday, more of it stayed than I expected. Including Thayer pointing out to Marlo where he and his brothers came from. 😉

Only six more scenes to go, and then I can re-read it once more from the beginning and hope I’ve answered everything I should but left some things up in the air for the next book.

Drinking an iced passion tea, so I’ll wish everyone has something (or someone) in their life they’re passionate about. Peace!

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